Fall 2020

Varsity and JV Boys Soccer Tryouts begin on Thurs. Oct. 1st at 3pm and end at 4:30pm.  Tryouts are held at John Jay High School on the turf field, the grass soccer field, and the track.  You MUST be cleared through Family ID to be eligible to tryout.

There are a few important things you should be aware of prior to tryouts.

1.  Masks must be worn at all times by all players.  This is not my rule or John Jay's rule, it is the rule of Section1.  If players are not able to tolerate wearing a mask during playing, they are allowed to lower the mask below their nose and mouth, but they must keep a mask on their face (around the chin/neck area) at all times.

2.  Players must bring their own water to tryouts.  They also must wear shin guards, they should have running shoes (we run on the track a little bit), soccer cleats (we play on the grass and on the turf - cleats can be worn on the turf as well as the grass field), and they need to bring their own soccer ball to all tryouts.

3.  Players will need to try and separate from each other as much as possible during breaks.  Players should not gather during breaks, they should keep a good distance from other players while drinking their water and taking a break.

4.  The Varsity Team will be selected on Saturday Oct. 3rd and the JV Team will be selected on Tuesday Oct. 6th.  

5.  During home games, ONLY 2 parents will be allowed to attend, no other students, friends, or family members will be allowed to attend games.  During away games, no one will be allowed to attend.  Again, this is a Section 1 rule.  The only fans that will be allowed for any game will be 2 parents of each athlete on the Home Team.

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